Faculty and Staff


  • Father Daniel

    Father Daniel

  • Fr. Mike MacMahon

    Fr. Mike MacMahon

    Pastor of Holy Spirit Catholic Church
  • Vincent Aquila

    Vincent Aquila

  • Fr. Tim Pfander

    Fr. Tim Pfander

    Pastor of Good Shepherd Catholic Church
  • Susan Fletcher

    Susan Fletcher

    Vice Principal of Curriculum/Faculty Development
  • Therese Wesley

    Therese Wesley

    Vice Principal/Director of Resource


  • Kathryn Hazard

    Kathryn Hazard

    Social Media/Marketing Coordinator
  • Kristen Behel

    Kristen Behel

    School Nurse
  • Taylor Harer

    Taylor Harer

    Resource Teacher
  • April Crisp

    April Crisp

    Guidance Counselor
  • Philip Duffy

    Philip Duffy

    School Resource Officer
  • Susan Page

    Susan Page

    Advancement Associate-Events Coordinator
  • Jill Sneed

    Jill Sneed

    Business Manager
  • Maggie Anderson

    Maggie Anderson

    Front Office Assistant
  • Julie Baldwin

    Julie Baldwin

  • Angela Gilchrist

    Angela Gilchrist

    Nurse Assistant
  • Jon Duerr

    Jon Duerr

  • Jocelyn Moreno

    Jocelyn Moreno

    IT Administrator
  • Catherine Doran

    Catherine Doran

    Guidance Counselor
  • Amy Guettler

    Amy Guettler

    Enrollment Manager
  • Kathy Duerr

    Kathy Duerr

  • Cathy Jodon

    Cathy Jodon

    HR Coordinator/Advancement Associate-Database Manager

Student Enrichment

  • Erin Richard

    Erin Richard

    Art Aide
  • Anne Vasile

    Anne Vasile

    Music Teacher
  • Tavion Fleming

    Tavion Fleming

    PE Teacher
  • Helen Martin

    Helen Martin

    Library Assistant
  • Amanda Merring

    Amanda Merring

    Band Teacher
  • Amanda Westrich

    Amanda Westrich

    Before Care & PE Aide
  • Marilyn Alonso

    Marilyn Alonso

    Spanish Teacher
  • Candace Jacobs

    Candace Jacobs

    PE Teacher
  • Karen Lico

    Karen Lico

    Librarian/Digital Literacy Teacher
  • John Onder

    John Onder

    Music Teacher
  • Joe Rist

    Joe Rist

    Stream Lab Facilitator
  • Aynslee Smithee

    Aynslee Smithee

    Art Teacher

Primary Grades

  • Amanda Pillsbury

    Amanda Pillsbury

    Kindergarten Aide
  • Christine Rivers

    Christine Rivers

    1st Grade Aide
  • Anna Galucki

    Anna Galucki

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Theresa Gardiner

    Theresa Gardiner

    2nd Grade Teacher
  • Melissa Shuman

    Melissa Shuman

    PreK Teacher
  • Hope McQueen

    Hope McQueen

    Kindergarten Aide
  • Elizabeth Zirulnik

    Elizabeth Zirulnik

    1st Grade Teacher
  • Kim Knight

    Kim Knight

    PreK Teacher
  • Jennifer Mahler

    Jennifer Mahler

    PreK Aide
  • Rebecca Conrad

    Rebecca Conrad

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Alex McNichol

    Alex McNichol

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Maggie Robinson

    Maggie Robinson

    1st Grade Teacher
  • Sarah Cuel

    Sarah Cuel

    1st Grade Teacher
  • Colleen Caruso

    Colleen Caruso

    2nd Grade Teacher
  • Vicki Komara

    Vicki Komara

    2nd Grade & 3rd Grade Aide
  • Maria Guzman

    Maria Guzman

    PreK Aide
  • Cecilia Byrne

    Cecilia Byrne

    Kindergarten Aide
  • Jane Buxton

    Jane Buxton

    1st Grade Instructional Aide

Intermediate Grades

  • Mary Nishimuta

    Mary Nishimuta

    Assistant Director of Religious Education
  • Jenna Dow

    Jenna Dow

    3rd Grade Teacher
  • Audrey Cain

    Audrey Cain

    4th Grade Teacher
  • Zoe Williams

    Zoe Williams

    4th Grade Teacher
  • Laura Stout

    Laura Stout

    3rd Grade Teacher
  • Ellen Dunn

    Ellen Dunn

    5th Grade Teacher
  • Tracy Finke

    Tracy Finke

    5th Grade Religion Teacher
  • Courtney Van Hoven

    Courtney Van Hoven

    5th Grade Teacher

Middle School

  • Trevor Miller

    Trevor Miller

    Middle School Social Studies Teacher
  • Katie Thompson

    Katie Thompson

    Middle School Math Teacher
  • Tiffany Noel

    Tiffany Noel

    Middle School Religion Teacher
  • Margaret Derda

    Margaret Derda

    Middle School ELA Teacher/Military Family Liaison
  • Kelly Backer

    Kelly Backer

    Middle School Literature Teacher
  • Rebecca Krefft

    Rebecca Krefft

    Middle School Mathematics
  • Lynn McQueen

    Lynn McQueen

    Middle School Science Teacher
  • Michelle Wall

    Michelle Wall

    Middle School Math Teacher

School Support Staff

  • Colleen Martin

    Colleen Martin

  • Cindy Bannon

    Cindy Bannon

    After Care
  • Theresa Schrenk

    Theresa Schrenk

  • Michelle Williams

    Michelle Williams

    After Care
  • Abby Shuman

    Abby Shuman

    After Care
  • Nathan Lawson

    Nathan Lawson

    After Care
  • Courtney Fields

    Courtney Fields

    After Care
  • Susan Shepard

    Susan Shepard

  • Ava Joly

    Ava Joly

    Cafeteria Manager
  • Amanda Westrich

    Amanda Westrich

    Before Care & PE Aide