Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Visual Art

The language of visual art teaches children of all ages to be curious, disciplined, and expressive.  Visual art also teaches the value of good craftsmanship, attention to detail, and collaboration.  We are all made in the image of God, and in Genesis God’s first act was to create.  Here at Holy Spirit, we believe everyone is designed to be creative in their own way, and our goal is to encourage and nurture that creativity in our students.

The visual arts curriculum at Holy Spirit focuses on a basic understanding of design and composition, introductory techniques in various media, the development of creative and critical thinking skills, exploration of liturgical art, and the importance of both historical and contemporary artists.

Every student, PreK through 8th grade, has the opportunity to create art and develop their ideas.  Throughout the year they explore a range of materials and build a portfolio of projects.  They also have opportunities to enter both local and national art contests and to have their work featured in public spaces around Huntsville such as The Galaxy of Lights, Panoply, and Youth Art Month at the Huntsville Museum of Art.  In addition to those public opportunities, our K-8th Grade students are invited to participate in the Annual Diocesan Art Show, where their work will be displayed alongside the work of other students in the diocese.  It is a wonderful celebration of art, faith, and community!


Music is the soundtrack upon which our lives are played. It connects melody and lyrics to the events of our lives and creates memories that will never be forgotten. The Holy Spirit Music program is offered formally to students in grades PreK through 8th. During music class, students prepare for our weekly liturgy, learn the fundamentals of reading music, become familiar with the music of great composers, and move creatively to music. 

The curriculum includes the study of many musical concepts; including pitch, melody, rhythm, timbre, form, and dynamics. We encourage students to praise our God and to have fun in the process! Music is a gift from God so let’s cultivate it as much as we can to give back to Him!  

Additionally, there are groups available that meet outside of school for those that wish to focus on their love of music. These groups include Spirit Fuel and Guitar Ensemble.

Tiger Band

We believe that exploration in the arts is essential for complete development and one of the key indicators of a healthy civilization. Elementary school is the perfect time to begin this exploration!

Band is available and encouraged for Holy Spirit students in 5th through 8th grades, but the ultimate goal is lifelong involvement in music. Like any other instrument, it takes continuous individual effort to learn the skills necessary to be successful.  When music making  becomes a social event, students learn teamwork and accountability. Not only will they build needed skills, they will build lifelong friendships.

Holy Spirit band members perform in a traditional band setting and in small ensembles to challenge individuals, but the opportunities don’t stop there. Alabama Band Masters and Alabama Music Educators Society host district and state events annually that will challenge the most advanced students. With a strong foundation, students will also have the ability to participate in jazz bands and orchestras in high school and community organizations.

Don’t play?  Not a problem, join the Holy Spirit Band today!


Currently suspended for 2022/2023 school year.

Theatre electives are available for Middle School students, and participation in the theatrical events is for us all! 

The department was begun in 2017 with the production of Lion King Jr, and since has included productions of Beauty and the Beast Jr, the Jungle Book Kids, Don’t Kick the Turkeys, and The Wizard of Oz

Additionally, the chapter of the International Junior Thespians performs for school events as well as keeps up their practice with year-round activities and events.