Lunch Ordering Instructions

Lunch Ordering Instructions

Lunch Program

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new school year! The lunch ordering program for the school year can be found in FACTS (formally called Renweb). For new parents and to refresh returning parents, directions for ordering lunches are below.  Lunch is not served the first week of school. Students must bring their lunch. Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for further information.

Ordering lunch is done on a monthly basis. If you make a mistake when ordering you will be able to go in and correct the mistake yourself as long as the correction is done while the window to order is open. 

PAYMENT:  Lunch is billed through FACTS. You do not pay at the time of ordering.

The Lunch Ordering Program will open around the 9th or 10th of the month and close approximately 10 days later. During this time, you will be able to order lunch for the following month. SALAD BAR WILL NOT BE OFFERED FIRST QUARTER.


  • The hot lunch for the day. Includes milk and salad: $3.50 (NO SALAD FIRST QUARTER)
  • Salad Only: $1.75 (NO SALAD FIRST QUARTER)
  • Milk Only $.50   NOTE: Even though it is listed as milk, chocolate milk and lemonade are available for the same price.
  • Pizza: One slice lunch: $4.00, Two slices lunch: $5.00, Three slices lunch: $6.00. This includes the salad bar and drink. 
  • Field trips will be listed on the menu for that day.  Do not order lunch that day. Do not add the field trip day to your order. The field trip notice is there to tell you not to order that day.


Step 1: Log onto FACTS and select Student 

Step 2: Select Lunch.

Step 3:  View Menu: The August calendar will show. You can get to the August calendar (or any other month) by selecting the (>) symbol. You will also want to select by month not week.

Step 4: Select create web order on the top left

Step 5: Type desired quantity in the “QTY” column next to the item. (O must be changed each time and then put in number of lunches)

Step 6: repeat Step 5 until you have ordered for the entire month for all children. 

NOTE: lunches are ordered separately for each enrolled child. After completing the order for the first child, you will be able to select lunch items for additional children by scrolling to the top and clicking on the next child. Note: read each day to identify if your child has a field trip. 

REVIEW ORDER/ORDERS before going to the next step. 

Step 7: When you have completed your order selection for all children, at the bottom of the page select Order Items.  NOTE: You will be able to see what you have ordered by clicking on the lunch calendar for each student. Items in blue have been ordered. You may print the calendar so you know what day your child has ordered. 


  • You will select the item you would like for that day. If you are ordering hot lunch you need only select the hot lunch which includes salad and drink. If you have a child that would like two drinks, select the milk also. Remember one drink and a salad are included in lunch. (NO SALAD FIRST QUARTER)
  • If your child wants only a salad, select salad. (NO SALAD FIRST QUARTER)
  • If your child wants one milk but no lunch, select milk. If two milks are desired, select two milks.
  • If buying salad and milk only, select salad and then milk. (NO SALAD FIRST QUARTER)

No payment necessary at this time. You will receive a billing invoice from FACTS. At that time, you will make payment which is due ten day after receiving the invoice.

If you find you have made a mistake while ordering, you may go back in and correct the mistake as long as the lunch ordering system is still open. 

If you need help please contact Ava Joly by email or phone: 256-881-4852 ex.109.

Welcome back,

Ava Joly
Cafeteria Manager 
256-881-4852 ex.109