Middle School

Middle School

Preparing students for the future!

Middle School education plays a pivotal role in preparing students for high school and college. Holy Spirit Regional Catholic School provides a college-preparatory curriculum with a focus on the core subject areas as well as providing enrichment opportunities by:

  • Infusing the curriculum with the teachings of the Catholic faith
  • Providing a Language Arts and Literature curriculum with an emphasis on understanding text, plot structure, and formulating good writing skills
  • Providing a History curriculum that not only provides accurate presentation of historical events of the past, but explores the values and lessons that others have experienced and lessons learned from these events
  • Providing  hands-on learning experiences in the Science Lab and the outdoor classroom which includes taking care of many different species of classroom pets
  • Providing an individualized paced Math curriculum for each student which focuses on pushing all students to reach their full potential in math
  • Providing STREAM Lab instructional time daily to students which promotes project-based learning activities that cross all curriculums
  • Providing students with enrichment classes in Spanish, Library Skills, Technology and Digital Learning, Guidance, and Physical Education
  • Providing students with elective options in curriculum areas such as Art, Music, Band, Study Skills, Personal Finance, and Exploratory Science


Science Lab for all Middle School Students is a HANDS-ON Learning experience!  You as a student will transform into a Young Scientist each day.  We will travel through the creation of Earth to the foundation of how the Earth habitats function in various ways.  We will begin building an Outdoor Classroom with help of the Alabama Wildlife Federation and other local businesses.  Each grade level will be taking field trips throughout the year.  Our Lab will be host to several critters (no snakes allowed though!!!)  BE PREPARED TO BE AMAZED!

Language Arts

Language Arts are a staple in any strong education, and how better to learn English than with Literature guiding the way?  In Middle School Language Arts, students will polish off their research skills as they prepare to move onto high school and beyond.  Literature choices are directed towards their enjoyment and education, but also towards their explorations and evolvement into strong human beings.


Learning history should not be about the memorization of dates, places, and people that have come before us, but an exploration into the values and lessons that others have experienced.  In Middle School history, it is the goal to take a one-on-one approach as we learn, not merely the facts, but the context behind the events and experiences.  Through this, students may have more in-depth knowledge and understanding of where we come from as well as the possibilities to which we may grow.


All too often students hold the belief that math is just not their subject.  Not so here at Holy Spirit.  Students are placed in the class that moves at their pace for more individualized attention with a daily personalized focus designed to push all of our students to their full mathematical potential.