Holy Spirit Regional Catholic School provides students with access to a highly qualified resource department. Resource staff are all trained in the use of Orton-Gillingham methods for teaching Reading/Phonics instruction.  Holy Spirit Regional Catholic School will provide equitable services for all students by:

  • Following accommodations and recommendations in 504 plans, Individualized Education plans, and formal testing information submitted from previous schools
  • Following processes and guidelines from our teachers to refer students for resource help
  • Providing resource help which involves separate resources and methods from the regular classroom environment, such as the use of the SPIRE Reading program for struggling readers
  • Following students’ progress in the resource program through updated testing information, diligent record keeping of individual plans and the skills they have mastered as well as remediation for skills not mastered, and constant communication with parents
  • Providing a Title I tutoring program after school for eligible students with an emphasis on improving math and reading skills
  • Providing Title III services for eligible students to improve English Language skills
  • Providing a Title I interventionist to serve eligible students during the academic school day

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