Tiger Talk – April 27 2022 – Issue 66

Principal’s Message

“During the second week of Easter, the feast of St. Mark
the Evangelist is celebrated by the Church. One of the four
gospel writers, St. Mark shares the story of Jesus as the Son
of God and miracle worker. He portrays Jesus as the
suffering servant that gives himself to his father in heaven
for the good of all men and women. The gospel ends with
the great commission from the Risen Lord to make disciples
of all and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit. Let us pray that we all find the courage
to live our lives with the strength of the Risen Lord with us!

~Vince Aquila

“The most beautiful
act of faith is the one
made in darkness, in
sacrifice, and with
extreme effort.”
-St. Padre Pio

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