Tiger Talk – May 18 2022 – Issue 69

Principal’s Message

“Dear Friends,
St. Sebastian is the patron saint of athletes and a martyr of the
early church. He is considered the patron for athletes because of
his physical endurance and energetic way of spreading the Faith in
the early church. He is also the patron saint of soldiers. As we
celebrate our first Field Day this week for grades 6-8, we ask for
the protection for our students as they enjoy the outdoors and
engage in fun-filled competition. St. Sebastian pray for us that we
spread the good news of Jesus through our student athletic
endeavors. Next week we celebrate Field Day with grades PK-5.
Let us pray that the weather is clear and warm for each day! There
are many special events happening over the next few weeks
including the graduation of our 8th grade as they leave us and
head to high school. Each remaining day is truly a gift from God to
celebrate our students at Holy Spirit. Let us ask God to be with us
and that we all will spread Christ’s love to all that we encounter!”

~Vince Aquila

“The secret of happiness is to live
moment by moment and to thank God
for all that He, in His goodness, sends to
us day after day.”
– St. Gianna Molla

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