Tiger Talk – May 25 2022 – Issue 70

Principal’s Message

“We have approached the final week of the
school year. What a week of celebration it has been!
With Field Days concluding on May 24, 8th grade
Clap-Out and graduation on May 25 and the final
day of school for PreK-Grade 7 on May 26, our
Holy Spirit Community thanks God for his
goodness. We wish all of our families a restful and
beautiful summer. We pray for our new families
that will join the community in August. We are
thankful for the gift of our teachers, our staff, and
our pastor, Fr. Michael Mac Mahon. May the peace
of Christ fill your lives with joy and renewal as you
enter the summer vacation season. God bless you

~Vince Aquila

“Be who God meant you to
be and you will set the
world on fire.”

-St. Catherine Of Siena

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