Tiger Talk – September 07, 2022 – Issue 75

Principal’s Message

Friday, September 9, the church celebrates the memorial of St. Peter Claver, priest. St. Peter Claver was a Jesuit missionary that among many things, organized charitable societies among the Spanish in the New World. The charities were organized similar to the ones St. Vincent de Paul organized in Europe. It is fitting that we celebrate St. Peter Claver this day as we give thanks for the generous gifts from our school families to this year’s annual sponsorship of our student, Darlencia. The funds raised will support her education for the full year through the Holy Spirit Haiti Mission. I am happy to share with you that our school raised over $2,700.00 which surpasses the amount raised in 2021-2022. Thank you for your generosity to Darlencia and through the intercession of St. Peter Claver, may we continue to respond to those in need.

Vincent Aquila

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

– St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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